About DIFC Wills

You can register different types of Will to fit your personal circumstances.

Different Types of DIFC Will

Eligible individuals have the option to register different types of Wills at the DIFC Courts Wills Registry for Non-Muslims (the ‘Registry’) depending on the assets they wish to cover and whether or not the Will is to encompass guardianship arrangements.

There are currently four types of ‘DIFC Will’ that can be registered, referred to as the ‘Guardianship Will’, ‘Property Will’,  ‘Business Owners Will’,  the ‘Financial Assets Will’ and the ‘Full Will’,  the key features of which are summarised below.

All DIFC Wills are registered at the Registry. However, all pre-registration checks are carried out by appointment at the DIFC Wills Service (the ‘Wills Service’) and there are a number of locations at which these can take place. To find out more click here.

To register a DIFC Will you must satisfy four key criteria:

  1. You are not a Muslim, and have never been a Muslim.
  2. You are over 21 years of age.
  3. You own assets within the UAE.
  4.  Any children for which you wish to appoint guardians for must be habitually resident in Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah.

Which Will is right for me?

Please consider carefully which DIFC Will is right for you based on your personal circumstances and how these are likely to change in the near future. The key features of the different types of DIFC Will that you can register are summarised below.

Guardianship Will

  • Guardianship appointments only
  • Children must be below 21 years
  • Children must be resident in Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah
  • Permanent and interim appointments available

Full Will

  • Covers all movable and immovable assets
  • No limit on number of assets
  • UAE assets or UAE + Worldwide assets (seek appropriate legal advice if including assets outside of UAE to ensure enforcement of Will)
  • Guardianship appointments may be included

Property Will

  • Real estate property only
  • Limited to 5 real estate properties
  • Real estate within UAE
  • Online template will

Business Owners Will

  • Free zone and onshore company shares
  • Limited to 5 separate shareholdings
  • Company shares within UAE
  • Online template Will

Financial Assets Will

  • Bank and brokerage accounts only
  • Limited to 10 separate bank or brokerage accounts
  • Accounts must be within UAE
  • Online template Will

Get in Touch

If you would like any more information to help you decide which DIFC Will is right for you or have any queries in relation to the decision making process, please contact us via the enquiry form below and one of our Compliance Officers will get back to you.